In 2011, UR Solutions was founded in order to address the rapid influx of denials occurring in the healthcare industry due to the Affordable Care Act. The first step we took was to hire a number of experts in the unique fields of utilization review. This included doctors, nurses, denials management specialists, attorneys, Medicaid and Managed Care experts. We then took their knowledge, experience, and expertise to utilize an integrated revenue cycle platform. This advanced software gave us the ability to create reports for clients so that they can maximize their revenue.

We are committed to aiding hospitals and healthcare systems through every step of the denial and appeals process. This enables us to recover funds from both insurance companies and government payers who have denied or underpaid claims. We maximize recovery for our clients by implementing denial prevention strategies that allow them to negotiate favorable contract terms with insurance companies, and by providing education regarding their rights and responsibilities under federal and state regulations. We believe that hospitals should receive full reimbursement for services provided by holding insurance companies to their contractual obligations.

These values, combined with our extensive experience and successful recovery process, helps us ensure the highest level of consistent client satisfaction.


With UR Solutions, our clients thrive! The healthcare environment is constantly changing. Provider organizations are experiencing decreasing operating margins, and are forced to do more with less. Any small shift will impact this margin. Therefore, managing denials, and taking corrective actions are crucial for a business to succeed. Setting up an efficient denials management process will ensure optimized reimbursement for all services rendered.


The UR Solutions team represents over 35 years of commercial, managed care, and public sector healthcare experience. Our management team has held CEO, administrative, revenue cycle, and clinical leadership positions for large healthcare systems, physician practices, and government agencies.


Our physician, registered nurses, and attorneys are qualified in the field of medical solutions. Our clinical experts carefully examine all relevant medical records, applying years of experience to identify the most important clinical facts. In addition, our seasoned team of legal experts is well learned in Medicaid appeals and in writing persuasive arguments in order to receive the maximum possible overturns.


  • We advocate for our clients and pride ourselves in the superior partnership we form with them. Our client-first approach informs them about everything we do to ensure maximum synergies.
  • As a forward-thinking and progressive corporation, we are committed to embracing all forms of technology. Contemporary advances in technology have permanently changed our field, and we remain at the forefront of this trend. We view technology as a resource and strive to make the most of our industry-leading systems. We are committed to providing our clients with unmatched expertise in our field. We employ only the best clinical, medical, and legal experts as a means of providing our clients with superior advising and results.


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